Corporate divestiture
Portfolio Optimization Strategies for Growth
2017 was an excellent environment to sell - and a number of corporates did just that. Taking a page from the private equity playbook, many corporates sold at the top of the market.


Shift away from diversification  
Acquisition Trends 2018

Corporations and private equity firms foresee an acceleration of M&A activity in 2018—both in the number of deals and the size of those transactions.


The year ahead
M&A Trends This Year 

2017 was yet another strong year, begging the question, "Are we "melting up" or is this "the new normal?"


In this issue
Charts, Charts baby 
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global leader divested John Crane's Bearings to 

global manufacturer of ceramic products divested 100% of shares to

The Global Industrials Report

The Livingstone Global Industrials Report provides insights into the trends and activities driving the active industrials sector worldwide. 

2018 M&A Industrials Outlook 

Is this "the new normal?"

A Shift Away from Diversification

Buyers seek to strengthen market position

Corporate Divestiture Trends

Redefining portfolios for growth

Global Debt Market Trends  

EVs are near all-time highs


Global debt market update 
Trends and Flows

With enterprise values (EVs) across all sectors at near all-time highs, it's no coincidence leverage levels have followed suit.



leading provider of hose, belting, and molded rubber products has been sold to

a subsidiary of

global assembler of complex modules to the automotive OEMs

leading manufacturer of luxury kitchen furniture has been sold to

leading player in global CubeSat market has been sold to

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Our Team

Livingstone is strategically positioned in Beijing, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Dusseldorf and Stockholm, and is a long-standing leader in cross-border and domestic M&A for the industrials sector, with over 275 successfully completed transactions. 

Our Global Industrials Group provides strategic advice and seamless transaction execution to private business owners, financial sponsors, and major corporations across Europe, North America and Asia. 

Graham Carberry

Partner, UK

Karl Freimuth

Partner, US



Partner, Sweden

Thomas Lesch 

Partner, US

Steven Lewis

Partner, Spain

Ralf Hagelgans

Partner, Germany

Andrew Isgrig 

Partner, US


Industry Data 
Trends and Flows

With enterprise values (EVs) across all sectors at near all-time highs, it's no coincidence leverage levels have followed suit.

The industrial technology revolution
How Connectivity is Revolutionizing the Industry

Predictive software, evolving robotics, machine learning and changing asset models are just a few dynamic innovations impacting the industry. 



Industrial Technology 

Emerging technologies take shape

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