Global sector trends 
M&A overview
By: Andrew Bozzelli

At this point in the cycle, buyers and sellers alike don’t need another article discussing how hot M&A is in the middle market. They all know. 


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The Global Media & Technology Report

The Livingstone Media & Technology Report provides insights into the trends and activities driving the active sector worldwide.

Global debt trends  
Troupy's tuppence worth 
By: Bill Troup 

The media & technology sector continues to take a prominent share of M&A transactions globally, with strong mid-market deal flow, bolstered by a number of large transactions. 




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Livingstone is strategically positioned in Beijing, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Dusseldorf and Stockholm, and is a long-standing leader in cross-border and domestic M&A for the media & technology sector.

Our Global Media & Technology Group has deep knowledge of the sector’s players and dynamics, alongside the experience and wherewithal to oversee successful transactions for our clients, which include private business owners, entrepreneurs, financial sponsors, and large corporations across Europe, North America and Asia.

Andrew Bozzelli

Partner, US 

Ian Wagner

Director, US 

Richard Fetterman

Partner, UK

Daniel Domberger

Partner, Uk

Johannes Faber 

Director, Germany

Bill Troup

Managing Director, UK 

Nick Field

Director, UK

Michael Westhoven

Partner, Germany


Industry Data 
Trends and Flows

With enterprise values (EVs) across all sectors at near all-time highs, it's no coincidence leverage levels have followed suit.

If you can't beat 'em, go direct 
Maintaining brand value in the age of e-commerce and voice commerce
By: Michael Westhoven & Johannes Faber 

E-commerce retailers, starting with Amazon at the top, care about many things but differ in their prioritizations. 




Can the e-sports business model eventually rival traditional sports?
By: Philip Golbraikh  

In looking at player bases, viewership, and prize money of the five most popular e-sports games, there's clear evidence there is substance behind all the hype. All indicators point to a bright future. 

SaaS valuations in 2018 
The shopping list for buyers and investors
By: Daniel Domberger 
SaaS transaction volumes again reached record levels in Q2 of 2018, up well over 10% from 2017 volumes and almost double the transaction volumes in 2009. What's driving the surge? 




What is digital transformation?
Drivers of fundamental changes in business culture
By: Ian Wagner 

One of the most common and over-used phrases in the IT industry; definitions vary depending on who you ask. What is digital transformation beneath the hype?

Brennan Libbey  

Partner, US

Philip Golbrakh

Associate, Sweden

Why PE is hot on consultancies 
The drivers behind the growth 
By: Alex John
Traditionally consultancy business models have not lent themselves to the interests of private investors. However, as these perceptions rapidly change, deal activity flourishes. 




The boon of digital transformation
Which industry benefits most 
By: Brennan Libbey

Tech research company IDC estimates IT services spending will rise from $1.3tn in 2017 to $2.1tn in 2021, indicating that managed services firms and tech consultancies can anticipate calls from F500 companies. 

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