Global sector trends 
M&A overview 

2017 saw a period of intense activity for Livingstone's business services sector team, due to a busy global market and supportive macro-economic backdrop. 


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The Global Business Services Report

The Livingstone Global Business Services Report provides insights into the trends and activities driving the active sector worldwide.

Global debt trends  
Tom's two cents

Across the globe, both purchase price multiples, as well as leverage levels, continue to surpass previous cycle peaks and the ready availability of both equity and debt capital should allow this pace to continue for the foreseeable future. 




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Our Team

Livingstone is strategically positioned in Beijing, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Dusseldorf and Stockholm, and is a long-standing leader in cross-border and domestic M&A for the business services sector, with over 250 successfully completed transactions. 

Our Global Business Services Group provides strategic advice and seamless transaction execution to private business owners, financial sponsors, and major corporations across Europe, North America and Asia. 

Jeremy Furniss

Partner, UK 

Ian Wagner

Director, US 

Steve Lewis

Partner, Spain

Brennan Libbey

Partner, US

Daniel Ohlsson 

Managing Director, Sweden

Elena Gonzalez

Director, Spain 

Dr. Andre Shroer

Partner, Germany

Alex John

Partner, UK


Industry Data 
Trends and Flows

With enterprise values (EVs) across all sectors at near all-time highs, it's no coincidence leverage levels have followed suit.

Automation platforms pick up steam  
The next opportunity in the digital marketing sector  

In 2018, for the first time ever, companies are expected to spend more of their media marketing dollars online than offline: $100.8bn on digital media compared to $97.8bn on offline media. 




A growing market comes of age
German facilities management services consolidation continues 

All over Europe, facilities management is coming of age. In Germany, the current round of consolidation continues to mature the sector around a few major players.

Ready, set, wait 
Structural issues hold Spanish facilities management firms back - for now 
Spain's facilities management economy continues to grow steadily, and many Spanish service providers are extending their operations globally.




Your IT strategy today will impact your business value tomorrow
Leveraging technology well for a higher valuation

In more and more industries, we are seeing two kinds of businesses emerge: those that have effectively integrated IT into their processes and those who haven't. 

James Lever 

Partner, UK

Colin Campbell

Associate Director, US 

The driving forces of the cybersecurity market
What is behind the growth in this "hot" sector
Currently valued at $86bn and variably forecast to grow over the next five years at a CAGR of 12-15% per year. 




Blue skies ahead for the business services sector
Is the sector experiencing the "perfect day?"

To begin with, the fundamentals are good since companies of all sizes, in most places, have gotten the message that outsourcing non-core tasks can save money, time and grief. 

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